• How To Show Whatsapp Status Always Online Even If You Are Offline

    Are you interested to know How to Show Whatsapp Status Always Online? Yeah!!, It’s very interesting to know about this type of tricks & stuffs. We all loves to use Social Media apps and websites in which one of the most popular is Whatsapp Messenger. Whenever you open its app, it will show you Online to all of your contacts. But, what if you wants to show always online on Whatsapp like Facebook messenger which shows us online whenever we turn on the Data Connection? Don’t worry, nothing is impossible in this talented world. It’s an easy task for everyone.

    Whatsapp Always Online Trick is very useful for those who wants to show their Whatsapp status always online without opening its application on their phone. Some people thinks it’s not possible to visible always Online when we aren’t using Whatsapp on our mobile.. But, they are wrong. We will share all about this method in this article. We had recently shared Whatsapp Group Links Collection for people who are very interested to join lots of Whatsapp groups. I am sure you all will like that huge collection.

    Whatsapp always online trick is here friends, you don’t have to wait long for this cool Whatsapp trick. Whatsapp is the most popular Social networking app for Android, iPhone and nowadays Whatsapp also launched PC version. So today we are going to sharing an awesome Whatsapp tweak to show your Whatsapp status always online when you are offline. You will also like Whatsapp Dare Games to play with your friends in free time.

    gbwhatsapp apk 7.60 download

    Yes! we are going to sharing this awesome trick with you. Whatsapp is the best social networking app used for chatting and sending photos, images, contacts to our friends and family members. One of the most popular feature on of this Social Media Application is Whatsapp DP, we all loves to change our Whatsapp Profile Picture on daily basis and Status too. When you are using Whatsapp, it shows you online among to you friends and when you turn off your phone Screen light or Data connection, it shows you offline.

    We already share so many Tricks on our website and updating more latest tricks and tips to our readers. Once again we are going to sharing something special on TricksCity. Many people wants to show their Whatsapp status online even when they are not using it and their device Screen light is turned off. Do you think is it possible? Yeah!! off course it is possible, actually nothing is impossible in this world. We just need a method to do any work. So here we are going to sharing method to show Whatsapp status always online even if you are not using Whatsapp on your device. If you are thinking to create new Whatsapp Group, you may like our Whatsapp Group Names list.

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    Many peoples are looking for this, that how to show our Whatsapp status always online. There are so many reasons due to which people wants to show their Whatsapp status always online like some persons wants to shine between their friends by showing them that he/she is he longest active person of Whatsapp among in their friend groups also there are so many other reasons like someone is going to sending something important file to you today and you have to stay online whole the day, otherwise he/she can’t send you that file because you are not active, etc.

    How To Show your Whatsapp status always online

    You can show your Whatsapp status always online without keeping screen turned on by using modded apk of Whatsapp. Yes! you have to use GBWhatsapp, which is the mod apk of original Whatsapp. Not only this awesome feature is available in this mod apk, even also there is bunch to cool Whatsapp tweaks and tricks in GBWhatsapp app. It works same like original version of Whatsapp, you are able to chat with your friends and family members and can send photos, videos to anyone on Whatsapp. But this app is not developed by Whatsapp company.

    Many iPhone users also wants to show their Whatsapp status always online and they search on Google about trick to show Whatsapp status always online on iPhone, but they aren’t able to find any specific answer from google and main reason for unsatisfied answer is that actually there is no way to show your Whatsapp status always online for iPhone users till now. But we think soon any method or trick is coming for iPhone users to grab out this cool trick on their device. We will update our post whenever we are able to find any working method to show your Whatsapp status always online on iPhone.

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    How to Show Whatsapp Status Always Online Even If You Are Offline
    Do you want to show Whatsapp status always online even when you are not using it? Here is the best way to show your Whatsapp status always online without being online. You are able to make Whatsapp status always online without keeping screen light turn on of your device. Just follow all the steps given below carefully to make this method working.

    1) First of all you have to download GBWhatsapp mod apk on your device.

    2) After downloading GBWhatsapp, Install and Open it on your Android.

    3) It will asks you to enter and verify you mobile number by OTP. (Also Read:- How to bypass OTP verification on any Website or App)

    Show Whatsapp Status Always Online
    4) Just enter your mobile number and it will send you one time verification (OTP) code, enter them in app and verify your number.

    5) Now, enter your Name, upload profile picture and proceed to next steps by clicking on Next button.

    6) It will open normally just like original Whatsapp, but in this app you can see many Whatsapp tweaks like hide online status, blue ticks, second ticks, etc. and also it have different Layout than original Whatsapp app.

    7) Now, open Menu in GBWhatsapp and select GB Settings option from the list.

    8) Scroll down and search for Other MODS option, just click on it after finding it.

    9) You will find Always Online feature on list, simply tick mark on it and it will ask you to restart GBWhatsapp, just click on OK button and it will restart your app.

    Show Whatsapp Always Online Trick
    10) Done, Enjoy now it will show your Whatsapp status online all day even when you are not using Whatsap on your device and also when your phone’s Screen is turned off.

    So this is the step by step tutorial to show Whatsapp status always online. Just follow out these all 10 steps carefully and then see the Magic 🙂 . Now when you thinks that you have to turn off this feature and wants to see offline, just open GBWhatsapp settings and un-tick the option of Always Online and done, now you are not seen online to anyone when you are not using your Whatsapp.

    But you must have to follow some rules of GBWhatsapp to make your Whatsapp status always online. Here are some tips which you must have to follow to make this method working:

    Make sure your mobile’s data connection will be turned on all day to make your Whatsapp status always online, otherwise it can’t able to show your status online without internet connection.
    Also make sure you don’t have to close GBWhatsapp from recent apps panel, otherwise GBWhatsapp’s all process will get stopped after removing it from there and it can’t show you online.
    So make sure your Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection should be on all day if you want to show your Whatsapp status online, it doesn’t matter if your Screen is on of off because it will show you online even if your device is sleeping and you aren’t using it. Also remember to don’t close GBWhatsapp process from recent apps panel to make your Whatsapp status online all day.

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    Wrapping Up:
    So friends this is the full guide to show your Whatsapp status always online even when you are not using Whatsapp on your device and your Screen is turned off. Just follow our all the steps one by one carefully to make sure his method is working fine. I am using this trick from last many months, so we are confident that it will surely make your Whatsapp status always online even if you are offline. I hope our article is helpful for you and you got the thing you are looking for, from this tutorial.

    Now, stay always online on Whatapp without being online by this trick. So, this isn’t interesting tutorial for Whatsapp users? Yeah! It is. Now, You don’t need to open app to show On from today on wards because of my Show Whatsapp always online hack trick.

    Let me ask, How to the trick? According to me this one is the easiest and best answer for all those who are searching for How to Show Whatsapp Status Always Online. You don’t need to search anymore about this topic after getting this cool tutorial by us. If you have any query related to Show Whatsapp Always Online Trick, feel free to comment below.

  • What To Do After Rooting Android – 15 Cool Tricks

    What to do After rooting Android? Ever this question has appeared in your mind? I am sure YES if you are addicted to Android. So for you, We are sharing “15 Cool Tricks To Do After Rooting Android Phone“. You can do these 15 awesome tweaks on your device which are too amazing. If you recently rooted your device, I am sure you want to know rooted phone tricks. Yeah!! We all love to do different types of things on our smartphone.

    If you are an Android master, I am sure you have already installed different types of best custom ROMs on your mobile. If Not, don’t worry, in the below section, I am sharing a trick on it too!! This is one of the main reason, Why People Root their Android and after that, they search for What to do After Rooting Android.

    Some devices have very low RAM because of that their mobile works too slow and also it got hanged while you use much application at the same time. So, in this case, we can easily increase our RAM by expanding it using SD Card memory.

    Whereas some peoples are like, I have rooted my Android, it voids my warranty too!! Now, what I can do on my rooted Android? They think, there are no benefits of Rooting but in actually, he never has seen life behind rooted Android 😀 Yeah, we can do lots of things which are only possible to do on a Rooted Android phone.

    What to do After Rooting Android?
    Contents [show]

    If you have also just rooted your mobile and wants to know amazing tricks we can do after rooting our Android device, this article is special or you 🙂 . I am saying special only for those who just rooted their mobile recently :-p because old users are already tested many tricks on their mobile but this is like Heaven for new users 😀 .

    While some people also exist who don’t want to root their device because they think it voids their phone’s warranty. :-p Well, Yes it voids your mobile’s warranty but if you wish, you will get it back into warranty just by un-rooting it. So isn’t it better to root our Android? According to me, Yes this is awesome, as I tested on my device. Now, I don’t want to un-root it back.

    Cool Tricks To Do On Rooted Android
    what to do after rooting android
    What To Do After Rooting Android

    If you are new and don’t know what we can do after rooting Android device. For you, I am sharing some of the cool tricks you can do after rooting Android phone. If you haven’t rooted your mobile and wants to root it, here is a tutorial for you: How to Root Android without using PC.

    What To Do After Rooting Android Phone – 15 Cool Tricks
    Change IMEI Number Of Android
    Change Device ID On Android
    Remove In-built Apps From Android
    Install Xposed Modules On Android
    Customize Your Android Using Build Prop Tweaks
    Flash Custom ROMs On Android
    Replace KingRoot With SuperSU
    Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone On Android
    Install One App Two Times On Android
    Hack Any WiFi On Android
    Get Unlimited Likes On Instagram
    Install Dolby Atmos On Android
    Increase Downloading Speed In Android
    Crash Your Friend’s Whatsapp Account
    Unlock Pattern Lock Without Losing Data In Android
    1. How To Change IMEI Number On Any Android
    This came first in my list of Tricks to do after rooting Android phone. You can simply change IMEI number of your device after rooting it. As you already know, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15 to a 17-digit number which is printed on the back side of your mobile battery or device.

    You can check your original default IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your dial pad. What if I say, we can change it? Many people don’t believe but Yes we can change it as temporary. I mean, you can’t replace it permanently with your original one but all of the apps installed on your Android, detect your new IMEI which you have changed. So isn’t it a cool trick to do on rooted Android devices?

    You will find a step-by-step tutorial here: How to Change IMEI Number on Android

    Cool Tricks To Do After Rooting Android Device
    2. How To Change Android ID On Any Device
    As we all already know about Android ID. It’s a unique code which is specified for every Android phone. There is no option in our device to make changes in it. But after rooting our mobile, we are able to change Device ID of our mobile easily. The rooted device is necessary to make changes. On non-rooted, you aren’t able to change any type of Identification numbers like IMEI & Device ID. Well, if you have MTK Chipset mobile, you can change Android ID of your mobile without rooting too!! We shared a tutorial for that device too in out tutorial.

    But, If your mobile is rooted and you want to change Android ID of it, you can easily complete your wish after reading our tutorial. After changing Device ID, no one is able to identify your device through that number ID. Well, it’s not a stock change. You can easily get your original ID back if you want.

    So, if you are really interested in it, here is the step-by-step tutorial for you: How to Change Android ID on any Device

    Rooted Phone Tricks
    3. How To Remove In-Built Apps From Android
    When we purchase a new Android phone, we will see there are some pre-installed apps and we are unable to uninstall them in any condition. Yes, if we want, we can just disable them nothing else. But, if our device has very low internal storage, we want to free up space by uninstalling that defaults apps from our device. After check all the options in apps bar and searching almost all settings, we found no way to remove them. Now, what to do?

    Don’t worry guys, it is possible to remove in-built apps from our Android phone. If your device is rooted, then you can easily remove your desired apps by following our tutorial. But if your device is nonrooted, then also you can uninstall built In applications from your device by using PC. We described both the methods in a single article.

    Here is the tutorial: How to Remove Default Apps From Android

    What to do After Rooting Android
    4. Top Xposed Modules For Android
    If you have rooted your device a long time ago, then I am sure you have tested too many Xposed Modules on your mobile. But, if you are a new rooted Android user, let me introduce about it. Xposed Framework enables all kind of customization which allows Android users to enhance the look or add features to their device, without touching the original system files. So isn’t it cool? Yeah! It is!! You can make different types of awesome changes in your device using the best Xposed Modules which we have shared already. Before checking out them, We already share a tutorial on How to Install Xposed Framework on Android 6.0 & 6.0.1. After that, you can install any Framework on your phone.

    Killer Tricks To Do After Rooting Android Phone
    Here are the Best Xposed Modules for Android. If you are new, here is the video tutorial for you.

    Video Tutorial: How to Install Xposed Framework

    5. Best Build Prop Tweaks For Android
    First let you know, The “build.prop” file is a system file that contains build properties and settings. Some of the contents are specific to your device or your device’s manufacturer, others vary by version of the operating system, but some are generic to all devices running the same version of Android as you are. You can customize your device features according to your wish just by making changes in build.prop file.

    In our tutorial, we have described full steps about How to Add Build Prop Tweaks on Android and also there are lots of Best tweaks for you.

    Check out here: Best Build Prop Tweaks for Android.

    What To Do After Rooting Android
    6. Best Custom ROMs For Android
    All Android lovers also loves to try out different types of Custom ROMs on their device. I hope you already know about ROMs. “ROM” stands for “read-only memory.” A custom ROM replaces your device’s Android operating system — normally stored in read-only memory — with a new version of the Android operating system. Your device will get new Look after flashing Custom ROM on it.

    Most Popular Tricks For Rooted Android Mobile
    We already shared Best Custom ROMs for Android, if you don’t know how to Flash Custom ROM on android, you can Google it or here is the video tutorial for you.

    Video Tutorial: How to Flash Custom ROM on Android

    7. How To Replace KingRoot With SuperSU In Android
    If you have rooted your Android using an app called KingRoot, then you have found one application named Kinguser in your mobile. Many people want to replace it with SuperSU, which we will get on rooting our phone by flashing the superuser.zip file. It’s the default app which installs automatically after rooting.

    So, if you are also facing the same problem and wants to replace Kinguser with Superuser, here is the tutorial for you: How to Replace KingRoot with SuperSU

    replace kingroot with supersu
    What To Do After Rooting Android
    8. How To Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone In Android
    Many times our Android phone Shut Down automatically when its Battery got finished and we are not aware of it. And when we check out mobile for any use, we found it switched off. Due to this, we think about all the important calls & messages we missed in that time. It’s worst feeling for every Android users. But what if our mobile notifies us on low battery? Yeah!! It’s possible and too easy for us to Set low battery Notification Ringtone. So that whenever our battery is going to drain out, the phone starts ringing.

    We have already shared a tutorial on it: How to Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone in Android

    What To Do After Rooting Android
    9. How To Install One App Two Times In Android
    Sometimes we want to install the same app two times on our phone. Likes many people want to use dual Whatsapp account on single Android. Also, we want to use dual Instagram, Facebook, etc.. on single mobile. The first question appears in our mind is: Is it really possible? My answer is “Yes Off Course” Even it’s too easy process and you can also do it on Non Rooted device too!! We have already shared a tutorial on it using that you can run multiple instances of the same app on your phone.

    Have a look at the trick: How to Install Same App Two Times on Android

    What to do After Rooting Android
    10. How To Hack Any WiFi Using Android
    It is the most popular trick which all Android users want to know. So your wait is over now guys!! We all love to Hack WiFi of our neighbors to access free internet, but we don’t know how to do this? Let me answer, it’s a very simple trick but only for rooted Android users. If your mobile is not rooted, then you aren’t able to Hack WiFi, so first root it and follow the tutorial.

    Here is the tutorial: How to Hack any WiFi using Android

    Cool Tricks To Do After Rooting Android
    11. How To Get Unlimited Likes On Instagram
    Instagram is trending nowadays and going much popular like Facebook. On Instagram, we can share our Photos & Status and can Follow our friends too!! Same like FB, on this Social Networking App too, we love to get more and more likes. On Facebook, we can do it using Auto Liker website & apps. We have already shared a trick on How to Get Unlimited Likes on Facebook. Now, how to get unlimited likes on Instagram also? Don’t worry, we also shared a tutorial on it.

    Check out: How to Get Unlimited Likes on Instagram

    What To Do After Rooting Android
    12. How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any Android
    If you have a fond of Music, then Dolby Atmos is especially recommended for you. Its surround Virtualizer creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers. Dialogue Enhancer ensures that every word is heard. Volume Leveler maintains constant volume across all content and applications. You can make many changes while listening to Songs on your device using this application.

    It is default app in some Android mobiles but if you also wants to use it on your mobile, follow this simple tutorial: How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android

    Rooted Phone Tricks 2017
    13. How To Increase Download Speed In Android
    We all want to increase Download Speed on our device. No one loves slow internet speed. But sometimes even on 3G or 4G too, we will receive too low downloading speed. But, you can easily boost your download speed by following some steps on your mobile. We have found some working trick to speed up slow download speed on any Android phone and shared on our blog.

    Let’s check out and enjoy super fast downloading: How to Increase Download Speed in Android

    Tricks For Rooted Android
    14. How To Crash Our Friend’s Whatsapp Account
    Whatsapp is one of the most popular Social networking apps for Android & iOS. Billions of users have connected with their friends an family members through it. Many of us want to crash our friend’s Whatsapp account just for fun. We start searching on Google for it, but mostly we are unable to find any working trick there. But wait, here is the tutorial which is tested by us and works fine. You can easily crash anyone’s Whatsapp account just by sending a message.

    Here is the tutorial: How to Crash our Friend’s Whatsapp Account

    Best Tricks For Rooted Phone
    15. How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data
    Pattern Lock is our favorite Lock for Android. Most of us use Patterns as Lock screen in our phone as it’s the simplest and easiest lock ever as compared to other locks. But sometimes when we change our Pattern lock’s pattern in a very short period of time, we aren’t able to remember that new Pattern easily and when we try to open the lock of our mobile, we got confused and draws different patterns which redirect us to permanently locks. Now, how to unlock pattern lock?

    Don’t worry, here is the tutorial to unlock pattern lock in any Android without losing data: How to Unlock Pattern Lock in Android

    Rooted Phone Tricks
    Isn’t this a cool article? Yes, it is. Let me share one video with your which I have found on YouTube. It also shared 5 Must Do Tricks After Rooting Android.

    Must Check: GBWhatsApp Apk & YoWhatsApp Apk

    Top 5 Must To Do Things After Rooting Your Android

    Final Verdict
    So, this is What to do After Rooting Android. You can try out these rooted phone tricks on your device too!! Enjoy awesome tweaks which were only possible to do on root access devices. We have tried almost every trick from the list and loved them. That’s why we have decided to share these awesome tricks to do on the rooted Android phone. If you have more tweaks to do after rooting Android mobile, feel free to share in the comment section.

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